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Revolution'2020 or Hurting Illusion @ 20

Well it took almost three hour of my night till 5am to complete this book. Will must say it’s another new marvellous creation by Chetan Bhagat to Co-relate the problems of common Indian with the Uncommon Lives of people who faced it or yet facing. Started with the stealing of a cake by Gopal and Raghav from school bag of Aarti, when they were in class 3 and ended with the marriage of Raghav with Aarti and left alone 'the lonely Gopal.  Every part of this story connected my soul and heart more than my reading mouth & mind.  Got fucked up by the Indian education System, which made Gopal to feel himself a looser. And about Raghav the Son of an IITian itself got everything to succeed and crack JEE if also not then I don’t think the fucking Society called him the loser, as Raghav was not Orphan or son of Poor Teacher.  In the next phase will say about the typical Indian Girl. I never understood why they are so confused with their decision and Choices. Every time they want to have …

and My heart will go on…!!!

Better to start this wid a deep Breath……ummm.. :( Time is passing by and I am finding myself again at same place. How true those words were when someone said “history repeats its self” but I am confused about the word History. How can I call this history because it’s still happening and had no end. And if its without end how can it be History and if its not History then why it happened again with me. Damn it I am confused. Not with the word History but with the mystery that happening around me. How and why I don’t know but definitely it’s the mess created by me n me only..F***up man… why I am like this. Creating un-necessary problems for myself… She said I am Good...but what’s the new in this ?? Every well wisher of mine tells me this. will I get any reward for it or any achievement except the tag of “good”
Have you ever come across a situation where you know that the person in front of you lying to you but still you listen to him/her, after knowing the truth also just because you have a…