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Life is a CIRCUS and I am the Clown...!!!

...........friendship, forgiveness and funny i think i will apt myself with these 3 adjectives (if u call them ones)... sometimes it happens that u get out with life and complain that it doesnt give u anything.... the same was with me too.... but little did i then realize that life was actually cooking for me something outstanding and today am speechless i have got all i ever desired from in life respect, status a good job and above all an self identity..... i love it now and will always love it... today i am proud that yes i have finally done something for my parents and my teachers thanks a trillion GOD ... they say it right that nothing goes waste in life if u r putting something whole heartedly u aught to get returns from it maybe soon or later as thet say GOD SEES THE TRUTH BUT WAITS...... anyways am a student a brother i think i can be all for anyone ... i dont say so my friends say so

so wanna experience a differnt life? come lets share this space and live life a little differe…