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Resurrection 2017- Living with my Parallel Universe

So, its 2 month 5days finally I am here with my Diary. Sorry for being away for a while. Have been in mess and some changes. Thought I won't have to rely on you to clear out my confusion but as elder always says that when you don't find anyone to talk with the best person to have conversation is own self.

So, dear diary its the end of the year and I can't let go this day without mentioning few great events. Few are tragic too but that's part and partial of life. Starting the year with shots of Black Dog in room , texting most important person of my life to wish and getting reply like "I don;t want you or anyone, don't ever call/message me" and very next moment taking out Bike for unplanned journey at 2 am on 1st Jan 2017 is the best and worst start anyone can ever have. Travelling to Anatpur in Feb to meet Chandan, getting drunk and spending whole night talking at top roof and counting stars. Getting drunk in March and taking out bike to get some good clic…