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Journey begins..!!

11th Jan 2016 12:18 am at Asansol Railway station
where to start.. from the beginning or from the reason why i am here right now, waiting for the train to catch towards the unknown destination.
was it easy? leaving home for forever.. promising self not to look back ever to this place where i spent almost my entire life's memory ? should i be able to forget it or i would have to return again lost n scattered ?
dont know whether its wise decision or just a time bounded decision  to save my own self ?
at first I should apologize to my MOM & Dad for my this sudden unexpected reaction but it was not at all easy for me too .
everything changed now.. everyone my every wished is scattered on floor looking at which i can  easily say.. yeah, this is me who is scattered not the wish.i knew expectation hurts lots but i wonder why in my entire life expected something for first time in return. didn't knew the only mistake of me will lead me to the place where i never wanted to see myself st…