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The Unending Chase of Horizon

4am, driving at 80 you get to feel power of those tiny drops hammering down from the sky above. Piercing through the reminiscences of closed doors you feel nothing. Firmly increasing the speed to chase down the rain moving ahead you wish that there should be someone, at least someone seating at rear seat, who can slow you down. Someone who might have asked you to stop this chase of darkness you are running from. Someone whose gentle touch might have slowed you down and told you not to run because they gonna be with you holding hands forever. Though you know, there is no one at the backseat but still you look back with anticipation while increasing the acceleration side by side. There comes a moment when you cross 100 with countless emotions in mind, it’s the road curve where you hit yourself.
Fraction of second and you find broken pieces of headlights scattered all around roadside. You feel nothing but suddenly through tossing eye leads you manage to see people gathering around and sho…