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The Insensate Buddha ( Quite but didn't Quit - 2 )

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"..I got cut, I cut my finger while playing with the blade.  It hurts and I was feeling the sensation of enormous pain in my tiny little finger of a year old child. It was bleeding and I was scared to let anyone know including because I knew they would scold me for playing with blades. I washed it inside tap water and rubbed the finger with towel but bleeding was in no mood of stopping. What to do next?  should I speak to my family members or should I speak to my maternal grandfather who would protect me from getting scold by other family members. In the dilemma of all that the better option was to keep quite and be outside in playing ground till bleeding stops. It was night, I almost forgot about the injury but while having dinner I suddenly shouted at top of my voice. Uncle was like what happened while I dipping my finger in glass of water. Food was spicy and the…

Quite but didn't Quit - 1 ( The day when I left Home )

".. you go, my Train is about to come I will leave soon.  Dont have to Worry about me. Go home and just drop me message after you reach home. If you see my dad or mom in way tell them that I've boarded my train. Take this 100 bucks,  you might need this. I have enough to reach my destination".. I told this to my cousin who came to drop me at railway station. After he went, got a call..  mom there on other side
"What happened? I am on train you should return back,  crossing Durgapur. Call you tomorrow and I switched off the phone. Booked the ticket, it was 10min to my train. Waited and just when train entered station, I missed it intensely and same with the second and then with third also. But finally made-up my mind boarded the 4th train. It was approx 12:40am. Lack of sleep, hungry, half drunk,  vision less, empty pocket, mellow mood and a strong decision. That midnight of winter, It was my coldest night.  Was it necessary,  was it right, was it gonna make any sens…