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Erudite - A Year of Survival 2016

"...1st Jan 2016, 4 am at B.C College more with the sober mood and drowning eyes one person had already made up his mind for the upcoming year plan. Looked into the eyes of dark and sold his soul for the Light he needed to see. What do to, How to do and when to do, everything was planned at that place. Closed his yes , had a glimpse of everyone he cared about and then the solo mind of him figured out the way for his serenity and destiny and thus the journey begin..."

Its 30th December 2016 almost end of the year and when I look back its been a uncertain year for me, went through so many changes and multiple transformations.  Though each year of mine is filled with so many ups and downs but 2016 been the best one. I would really like to highlight important events occurred and things I did and learned in 2016.
It was 10 Jan and I left home, literally Left home for forever. Sad but there are bad decisions we have to make sometimes for Right intentions. Hurting people is not an ea…

Happy Birthday P.S !!

Dear Pooja,
Its been almost 5 years since I know you or may be its almost 15,76,80,00,000 moments (5*365*24*60*60*100) I lived knowing you till now. There has not been a day when I didn't remember you. Sometimes in contact sometimes out of contact, ups, downs, happiness, sadness I almost saw your everything rather I felt it with you. There were times I don't know you but there are times when I know you better then you(I think so) and one thing I genuinely say you are the strongest, bravest, prettiest and understanding girl I ever meet in my Life. And all I can say that whenever I go through any hard times, I think of you and suddenly everything vanishes away.  you are such a strong & important person in my life. I know sometimes you had been in rough situations but see you fought it,  you overcome everything, you defeated everything And I know journey never ends here, sky is your limit and you gonna shine like sun one day. You deserve to be happy Pooja, you gotta be Happy a…

Dear Diary ...that was my Best Diwali !!

Dear Diary, It's been almost 6 months since I told you about my feelings like I used to do. I've been busy & keeping myself extra busy. Never got enough time to spend with you like I used to do in past. But today I feel like I’m missing someone with whom I can share something and like always you are my best choice ever for same.
Remember, once I told you about, I don't feel like burning crackers or lightning house on this Diwali. I know, I was rude or may be little bit of arrogance that time but I had my reason for that. Like every child I also needed to buy Firecrackers and burn them whole night like everyone else. That childhood not gonna come again but my Parents huh.. only 100 bucks for entire Diwali, Was that enough ? One packets of Mirchi patakha, One Fuljhari and one packet of Dulal Bomb. Was that really enough for whole night ? I was really Not satisfied so made displeased face in front of everyone. At least someone from family will buy me some more crackers but …

मैं रावण ही ठीक हूँ , मुझे झूठा राम नहीं बनना !!

आज  रामनवमी का दिन था, लोगो को देखा रामलीला देखते जाते तो सोचा आज मैं भी जरा हो आऊं। देखु तो सही रावण दहन कैसे होता है, राम की जीत कैसी होती है । वैसे भी दुर्गापूजा में रामलीला नहीं देखि तो आना व्यर्थ है । जल्दी आने के कारण आगे की पंक्ति मिली मुझे सच में ऐसा प्रतीत हो रहा था जैसे रावण सक्छात खड़ा हो मेरे सामने , बुराईयो से भरपूर, क्रोध और नरसंहार सी धधकती आँखे उसकी साथ में कुटिल मुश्कान पर अजीब सा तेज दिख रहा था आज उसके मुश्कान में | यूँ खड़े-खड़े इस दृस्य को निहार ही रहा था की एक सज़्ज़न जो बगल में खड़े थे वो बोल पड़े  | 
" आज रावण का नाश हो जायेगा मज़ा आएगा रावण को जलते देखकर"ये बोलते हुए अपनी दुर्लभ सी बत्तीसी दिखा हँसने लगे । मुझे अजीब सा लगा और जैसा की मैं हमेसा से व्यंगात्मक बाते करता आया हुँ आज भी व्यंग के लहजे में ही पूछ बैठा"ऐसा क्या है इस रावण में जो इसे जलते देख आपको ख़ुशी होगी ? और किसने कहा की रावण का नाश राम ने कर दिया है, क्या पता वो अब भी ज़िंदा हो हमारे बीच और क्यों हम रावण को ही दोसी मानते हैं , राम भी तो गलत हो सकते हैं कभी |

रावण बुरा था, अत्याचारी था सीता का हर…

The Old Man's Time Travel

(click to read before)...It was already too late to be outside and roaming alone. After everything I experienced, this night was enough for me to change the perception towards everything. Walking through the footpath, looking through the window of memories to the street lights seemed really beautiful but it couldn't continue due to sprinkling rain with open sky . The faster I walked the more I got wet, thinking not to stop until I reach my doorstep but suddenly someone from footpath shouted…
“hello, hello.. you will get wet , come here, I have an umbrella, com'on. Its heavy rain and you won't be able to make it to home without getting wet” Usually I don't bother about the weather or rain but the way and with the intensity that person called me was really unavoidable. So I went under his Umbrella.
So you love rain or may be so hurry to return ? You should stop behind the sheds when it rains, you know it really makes you sick but you won't understand this right now…

...wish we both could be Vampire !!

Heya , still awaken? Yes, So what researching tonight ? How to live life alone when you get old but yuh don't need to research on it You are and you will be always young forever. And why you are thinking like that you'll be alone...? Because I feel like I will be when m 60 But I would be there beside you na, always.... Are you sure ? Till 60 ? haha Obviously caz’ I’ill be 62yr old then..