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The Hyperlink Highness of Life - 1

That Whisper from the memory's backyard was loud enough to break my silence. Yes' that call after all those time suddenly started ringing time and again. I'm not afraid of high life but I just don't wanna be High enough to let anyone understand the real of me. Keep Everyone confuse with your multiple personality disorder which in-turn keeps me higher than weeds. just in-case if anyone has any doubt, below is the story of that Night of reality to prove.

Like always I tried my same strange idea of solo highness. Rain !! please dont be so cruel I 'm already sick. I  was feeling fucking cold enough to lean inside blanket but who cares. I already determined my solo adventure for today. gated inside the cab and went to PUK'. what the hell, name is so weird or may be 3 letter word was depicting the things I wanted. one, two and three shots of vodka.. little bit strike to my mind. jumped on the stage.. dance time ! sad songs was playing on a repeat n the fool me danci…