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Her Scars, Is not it Beautiful?

It was a dusky autumn, I found her sitting alone at top roof with smoke in her hand. I felt quitestrange because I never saw her smoking alone. Went near her and asked.
'What's wrong?   why alone today??' She replied..'Not in mood to talk with anyone, wanted to be alone sometime but you managed to ruin. By the way look at the horizon, is not it beautiful. These clouds so pretty na Shubh, Hey wait, you love taking pictures na, take it, it's photogenic and really beautiful.
Yes it looks beautiful. See the red linings all over that place. It's beautiful. ..I replied

She said'Yes, it is. It's so beautiful the sky'
'..but It's not sky I am talking about, it's about the cut marks visible upon your wrist. It looks beautiful, Is not it?'And I used my sarcastic tone to push her so that she could speak up the story behind those scars on her wrist. Here comes A deep silence..!!

"Every Time I asked about, the reply was just a silent and strange …