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Revolution'2020 or Hurting Illusion @ 20

Well it took almost three hour of my night till 5am to complete this book. Will must say it’s another new marvellous creation by Chetan Bhagat to Co-relate the problems of common Indian with the Uncommon Lives of people who faced it or yet facing. Started with the stealing of a cake by Gopal and Raghav from school bag of Aarti, when they were in class 3 and ended with the marriage of Raghav with Aarti and left alone 'the lonely Gopal.  Every part of this story connected my soul and heart more than my reading mouth & mind.  Got fucked up by the Indian education System, which made Gopal to feel himself a looser. And about Raghav the Son of an IITian itself got everything to succeed and crack JEE if also not then I don’t think the fucking Society called him the loser, as Raghav was not Orphan or son of Poor Teacher.  In the next phase will say about the typical Indian Girl. I never understood why they are so confused with their decision and Choices. Every time they want to have …

and My heart will go on…!!!

Better to start this wid a deep Breath……ummm.. :( Time is passing by and I am finding myself again at same place. How true those words were when someone said “history repeats its self” but I am confused about the word History. How can I call this history because it’s still happening and had no end. And if its without end how can it be History and if its not History then why it happened again with me. Damn it I am confused. Not with the word History but with the mystery that happening around me. How and why I don’t know but definitely it’s the mess created by me n me only..F***up man… why I am like this. Creating un-necessary problems for myself… She said I am Good...but what’s the new in this ?? Every well wisher of mine tells me this. will I get any reward for it or any achievement except the tag of “good”
Have you ever come across a situation where you know that the person in front of you lying to you but still you listen to him/her, after knowing the truth also just because you have a…

To whom It May Concern...

The winter now is finally passed
I'm re-acquainted with my dreams
all that was done yesterday
the things that I believed
I feel a new strength restored in me.!!!

I probably shouldn't say this
but at times i get so scared
when i think abut the previous
relationship we shared.!!!

I wonder what u'r thinking now
or if you even see U wish that U could change the past
Have you taken all U need
I know that you're laughing now.!!!

Many years have gone by my friend
So many miles down the road
The wheel still runs and I ride the spokes
each new season brings.!!!

Darkness falls on behind me
I'm starting now to find my way
It's over now and you're nowhere near
I still can't hear your name.!!!

And today you know that's good enough for me
Breathing in and out's a blessing can't U see
Today's the first day of the rest of my life
Now I'm alive and well
Yeah I'm alive and well


I must admit that
I have often thought
of leaving it all behind and letting everything go
I was lost and alone,
as I am always,

So many people around me,
Yet no one seems to care.
They say they understand and
love me very much,
But just when I Trust to love,
they forget and move on.

I held the knife so close as tears,
mixed with blood,
Began to fall slowly.
Like a foolish child I cried.
Knowing that I could end it all now
made my mind draw a blank.

I put the knife away
and tried to wipe the blood,
that ran faster than blood, I can describe.

I knew Leaving Her wasn't the answer I was looking for.
I knew there was a reason for me being alone.

So many bad things happening at once -
They can make you forget About the good qualities of life.

Even though life is hard,
and trouble an inevitable part of it.
If you decide to leave it all behind,
maybe you will,
but I can guarantee that
....Your Mistake to Leave everything will always haunt.


a Sweet Conversation...!!!

Today only while returning home one of my too close friend asked about our relationship...

"Is she loves you for real..??

I just had one answer 'I LOVE her for real"

and after that he didn’t say anything...except a smile & word, She is lucky...
“I replied with the same smile nope brother, It’s me 'I Am lucky...

and again They both replied in one voice...'You both will be lucky'

Everything written was in half close eyes of sleep...Especially For You my
Missing you so angel"
miss yu♥ :-*

Midnight Missing of a Lover - part_2

Time passed I was so quite...Even my melodious ringtones converted into silent mode...always quite...was trying to get over from this but I was unable to do so...
Because u touched my soft part of life which was hidden from others...n your gentle touch made a forever time impression on my heart n life...

you came back again...don’t know how...but I think may be its reward of something good I did in my past birth...
Found my lost happiness again....
And now all I want to is 'want to be with you forever'
don’t know how much you trust me...may be you still have doubt on me....but believe me I have no regrets or grumble about it....
Because it’s me who need’s me whose reason of smile is you...its me who loves you...and if it’s true...then how can I be selfish to ask same in return....

Its not fairy tell...nor my fantasy world..
Its my reality....that I love a girl whose name is “*****
I do care for her...I do miss her....I die every time for her...and its not lust or inf…

Midnight Missing of a Lover - part_1

2:30 am of midnight...
Its you and you only you going round n round again n again inside my mind...
Was thinking abut you mah baby...
Don’t know how I came close to you, I was like air flowing here and there till I found you.
My entire mind, all my heart stuck with you n your thoughts...your each word, your every expressions invaded my heart so deeply...
Didn’t believe that I would fall for some1 so hard...but i did...
I am in love with you...
I Never seen you,
Haven’t touched you...
Even I don’t know how you are in original.
But then also...I love you. I don’t care who u are, what u are...
I gave you all my trust, gave all my faith to you...
In spite no. of times your words hurt me so badly but trust me, I never thought a single Bad word against you...neither blamed or had any suffering thought in my mind

After that day, so called meeting day...
When I returned from your place...people around me said so many things...
Some said fool...some said mad...some said time was…


It's going down
The logical progression on the timelineThe seperation narrowed down to a fine line
To blur the edges so they blend together properly
Take you on an audible odyssey
Now it's going downThe combination of vocal caress
With lungs the gasp for breath
From emotional stress
With special effects
And a distorted collage
Carefully lodged between beats of rhythmic barrage
Tension is building inside steadily.
Heavy thoughts forcing their way out of me.
Trying not to break but I'm so tired of this deceit.
Every time I try to make myself get back up on my feet.I'll take everything from the inside and throw it all away
Cuz I swear for the last time I won't trust myself with youWhen I pretend everything is what I want it to be
I look exactly like what you always wanted to see
When I pretend I was just trying to bend the truth.The rain sending his dripping acidic questions
Then with the eyes shut
looking a small spot of light whfloods the floor
and suddenly The eyes open
....and its Da…

complicated situations..... but not in real"

thE trutH whicH canT b forgoteN...!!

M just Remembering d time I spent on this day of last excitinG & wonderful my day n night was. all was full of new feelings & cheer.I was flying on cloud 9. she is got something special which made me sentimental. huh'wid my two best friend was traveling towards my destiny.everything happening was just like the fairytaleI was going to meet my .just after 16hours everything became so hard for me.all of d sudden thing changed for me.i was falling apart just like spring's dried Leaf.May b slowly slowly I'm recovering from this fantasy but the love and pain she poured inside my soul will never loose its purity.I don't know what was there b/w, infatuation, attraction or just a game she played wid me.don't know... she really loved me or not but i know defiantly there z still something true b/w uswhich cant b diminished frm my n her life... neither GOD nor SHE cant deny this fact.Dont know why we are not meant for each other.I'm jst tra…