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Far Away... मेरी जागती आँखों के ख्वाब !!

walking along the road towards the journey you destined for sometimes you notice that the destination you are searching was left behind and now you simply go on walking without any destination.
what did i do wrong ? I guess, I didnt but wait yes I did na lots of mistakes yet I don't have any regrets. why would I have any regret if the decisions taken by me was justified and right. if time and situation didnt favored it why i should be blamed ? aaha, I can get away with the blame but what about suffering ? someone have to face it but who?? yup, Me !! if dids are mine the suffring would be mine too.
I accept..!!

"aap chalte ja rhe ho, un raston per jo aapko lagta hai ki sahi hai ya shayad jisme aapko khushi milti hai. par ek samay aata hai jab aapki manjil pichhe chutt jati hai aur aap aage nikal jate ho. fir na aap pichhe laut sakte ho na aapke paas aage jane ki wazah bachti hai. Zindgin ka ye falsafa hai raatein gujarti nahi aur Din kat-te jaten hain.
Aakhir chaha kya tha maine, …

A Sepration..!! ( Last Good Bye )

ahha..catching my Train,
wait..let me think reason for this Post ?? umm..yeah..Its for you.
missed the chance of saying last goodbye, unfortunately my unfortunate Luck didnt gave this chance to me but its okeh caz holding emotions while you were leaving me behind would have beyond control this time.
so unfortunate na, you were seating at my favt. place and I am 200kms far just thinking how you are feeling right now? I know you were missing me there.. in my room , seeing my stuffs around, our meeting of past, our conversation, must be missing that moment when I used to seat infront you taking my meals and gently looking at you all the time and you used to ask what you are looking at.. hehe :)
meeting you on my birthday, was the last meeting na.. I supposed to say good bye that time I thought I'm not so much unfortunate that i wont get the chance again. Frankly speaking, I am missing you Very Much right Now.. but wait I am missing you as same since the day I met you too. :)

you had con…