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It's going down
The logical progression on the timelineThe seperation narrowed down to a fine line
To blur the edges so they blend together properly
Take you on an audible odyssey
Now it's going downThe combination of vocal caress
With lungs the gasp for breath
From emotional stress
With special effects
And a distorted collage
Carefully lodged between beats of rhythmic barrage
Tension is building inside steadily.
Heavy thoughts forcing their way out of me.
Trying not to break but I'm so tired of this deceit.
Every time I try to make myself get back up on my feet.I'll take everything from the inside and throw it all away
Cuz I swear for the last time I won't trust myself with youWhen I pretend everything is what I want it to be
I look exactly like what you always wanted to see
When I pretend I was just trying to bend the truth.The rain sending his dripping acidic questions
Then with the eyes shut
looking a small spot of light whfloods the floor
and suddenly The eyes open
....and its Da…