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Hopeless Hope ( Conversation b/w Stranger & Anonymous)

Stranger :: I love that status! I mean yours..
Hum sab k sath yahi hota hai na,
Stuck with the wrong guy at the right time and hoping you get rescued! Hmmm... : Anonymous
Right love with someone at wrong time... It always sucks 😂.
Pta nhi kya hota hai, the only thing I know is..
Either I'm too GOOD or maybe I am too FOOL...But its okeh...I guess I'am fine
Memories...Memories....N only memories 😂😂😂 Stranger :: Hehehe true ... Mujhe na right guy wrong time ka shrap hai
Plus ab Toh parents bhi shaadi shaadi start kardiye
I don't know ...
Main bhi almost memories se khush hoke rahjaungi akele forever ... There is difference b/w Khuss hoke reh jaoongi & khuss hke rehna hi padega (no options) : Anonymous Stranger :: No option wala hi, I guess... Stranger : BDW, How are you shubh ?? Nothing… Just waiting at sea beach for tornado to damage my hut, : Anonymous
Nothing more i can do about Stranger :: Why ? I mean she knew na that you like her? Kya shubh ... tune bola toh tha na use Y…

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