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The Old Man's Time Travel

(click to read before)...It was already too late to be outside and roaming alone. After everything I experienced, this night was enough for me to change the perception towards everything. Walking through the footpath, looking through the window of memories to the street lights seemed really beautiful but it couldn't continue due to sprinkling rain with open sky . The faster I walked the more I got wet, thinking not to stop until I reach my doorstep but suddenly someone from footpath shouted…
“hello, hello.. you will get wet , come here, I have an umbrella, com'on. Its heavy rain and you won't be able to make it to home without getting wet” Usually I don't bother about the weather or rain but the way and with the intensity that person called me was really unavoidable. So I went under his Umbrella.
So you love rain or may be so hurry to return ? You should stop behind the sheds when it rains, you know it really makes you sick but you won't understand this right now…