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...wish we both could be Vampire !!

Heya , still awaken? Yes, So what researching tonight ? How to live life alone when you get old but yuh don't need to research on it You are and you will be always young forever. And why you are thinking like that you'll be alone...? Because I feel like I will be when m 60 But I would be there beside you na, always.... Are you sure ? Till 60 ? haha Obviously caz’ I’ill be 62yr old then..

Pages of Her Lost Diary - 1 ( Unforgettable Mobile Number )

... his number is no more in my contact list but still I remember his number. Should I call, what if he changed his number. No, I shouldn't, he might have forgotten me me and moved on. What if he will blame me and scold me for calling now. No reason to call but yes' I can call, at-least to ask about his well being and life. If also he scolds me , he would be right to do so... finally after foolish conversation with my mirror I managed to dial his number.Ring.. and before ending the first ring he picked up the call and started scolding !

"Hello..!! are still awaken, its so late dear, you need to take rest. you are always careless about your own health and daily routine, its really waste to tell you anything. do what you want, I wont say anything  !!"
(..frankly speaking, I knew that he still has my number saved in favorite list but after all those years could not believed that he'll start the conversation as same as he used to do. And yes, care and anguish fo…