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Verse from her Lips !! (The Midnight Missing of a Lover- 7)

..shouldn’t I supposed to speak truth? shouldn’t I say I Love you? what should I say..? just like a lost and hopeless man should I blame this to fate and society? I guess, nothing gonna make sense so I started blaming myself. See , its my fault, if I loved you for real, I shouldn’t have done things to make your marriage get fixed, I didn’t had that much feeling.. by hearing these words see again started fumbling with her words. Please at least now at this point of life don’t look back , it may be our last conversation like this on phone.. why you always lied to me as you are lying now sunny? whenever you did something for me without caring about the pieces of you which was breaking apart ‘you always said, ” I don’t feel anything” but your voice and silence lied each time..
Verse from her lips…

“what do you think, I mayn’t be seeing you while talking but I’m not fool or senseless to understand you sunny. why don’t you understand, I love you too.. I heard the sound of each…

Pages from Lost Diary.. . (The Midnight Missing of a Lover- 6)

.. bro,  I guess yuh need a drink.  It'll ease you?
Nope,  no way..  just like medicine has the same side effect as alcohol has ,  you continue,  I'm okeh here in balcony. sometime the open sky is better place to look around and wonder about everything.
I don't know characterizing everything at its own place sometime doesn't work according to our instinct.  It was the last day, when 8 hrs of continuous talk since one week made someone realize and understand the real of me.Telling you each time about me, my evil, my flaws, my heart, my dark side  wasn't an easy task for me.  Thought you will hate me or I wished that you should hate me but all went into vein. Why you cant hate me ?  you supposed to do it but you lost or may be I was wrong that I can make anyone peaceful.  I said I drink,  I smoke,  I am abusive,  I slept with 2-3 girls including married, I am a complete spoiled creature living on this earth.  so why cant you hate me.  I wonder, it may give you peace an…