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World Behind My Wall

Today is 3rd month of our <3 Relationship, that is 19th May , surprisingly things have changed a lot. I dont know how and why? but i never wished that a day will come when yuh'll not talk wid meh..! :(
Dont yuh know how much i love yuh..
cant you understand how badly I m missing yuh right Now..!!
Wished yuh can be here near meh then yuh might have seen and felt the loneliness that exist in my life widot yuh?
you only said na atleast give a try.. but what now ?/
now i am giving it a try wid all my Heart and soul and yuh back-out.. why?? why ?? tell meh the reason.. :'(
I love yuh.. I love yuh very much..
yuh cant imagine whats my life in past 15days widot yuh..!! its like hell i am living..
called yuh many times but I think you have changed your number.. :'(
I love you yaar ... where are yuh.. talk to meh.. come back in my life...
its empty widot yuh....
 i am missing yuh very much..!!
if any mistake I have done forgive meh.. i just wanna yuh... 24x7 i thinks abut yuh..…

Surprised with my Surrender