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Pages of Her Lost Diary - 1 ( Unforgettable Mobile Number )

... his number is no more in my contact list but still I remember his number. Should I call, what if he changed his number. No, I shouldn't, he might have forgotten me me and moved on. What if he will blame me and scold me for calling now. No reason to call but yes' I can call, at-least to ask about his well being and life. If also he scolds me , he would be right to do so... finally after foolish conversation with my mirror I managed to dial his number.Ring.. and before ending the first ring he picked up the call and started scolding !

"Hello..!! are still awaken, its so late dear, you need to take rest. you are always careless about your own health and daily routine, its really waste to tell you anything. do what you want, I wont say anything  !!"
(..frankly speaking, I knew that he still has my number saved in favorite list but after all those years could not believed that he'll start the conversation as same as he used to do. And yes, care and anguish fo…

Resurrection 2017- Living with my Parallel Universe

So, its 2 month 5days finally I am here with my Diary. Sorry for being away for a while. Have been in mess and some changes. Thought I won't have to rely on you to clear out my confusion but as elder always says that when you don't find anyone to talk with the best person to have conversation is own self.

So, dear diary its the end of the year and I can't let go this day without mentioning few great events. Few are tragic too but that's part and partial of life. Starting the year with shots of Black Dog in room , texting most important person of my life to wish and getting reply like "I don;t want you or anyone, don't ever call/message me" and very next moment taking out Bike for unplanned journey at 2 am on 1st Jan 2017 is the best and worst start anyone can ever have. Travelling to Anatpur in Feb to meet Chandan, getting drunk and spending whole night talking at top roof and counting stars. Getting drunk in March and taking out bike to get some good clic…

Stranger and Her Diary ( Pages of Her Lost Diary - 2 )

17th May 2017 : I got a message on my office no. for some inquiry from unknown person, as I am In Digital Marketing and lead generation process.
I solved that inquiry and passed that number to the concerned department for further process.
Then a formal chit chat about that inquiry and then she said “stay blessed” while ending the conversation.
I said “Blessings doesn’t affects me”,
she says “Will do affect you now, wait and watch” the she sent one motivational txt with quote “Blessings can take a little more time but definitely will be one day

***END OF CONVERSATION as I prefer not to talk much with my professional clients ***

20th May 2017 :I again got that inquiry from her. then she asks who AM I , How do I know Flat details of Noida and all. I explained her everything and for confirmation I shared my fb id. so that she can be sure about me that I am not a broker. Trust me I have never shared my personal details with any one in my professional life, or with any client nor I will ever d…

A Tale of Unheard Whisper - 1

I used to be high and I was sober
I was under, I was over
I was young and now I'm older
But I'd do it all again!! Getting drunk near a Highway track
Bomber jacket and with a Backpack
Running all the red lights
I am lover on a wild ride
Sipping on emotions
Inhaling every moment
Speeding for the finish line
Will go until the end of my time,
I'm doing it all again !!

The Unending Chase of Horizon

4am, driving at 80 you get to feel power of those tiny drops hammering down from the sky above. Piercing through the reminiscences of closed doors you feel nothing. Firmly increasing the speed to chase down the rain moving ahead you wish that there should be someone, at least someone seating at rear seat, who can slow you down. Someone who might have asked you to stop this chase of darkness you are running from. Someone whose gentle touch might have slowed you down and told you not to run because they gonna be with you holding hands forever. Though you know, there is no one at the backseat but still you look back with anticipation while increasing the acceleration side by side. There comes a moment when you cross 100 with countless emotions in mind, it’s the road curve where you hit yourself.
Fraction of second and you find broken pieces of headlights scattered all around roadside. You feel nothing but suddenly through tossing eye leads you manage to see people gathering around and sho…

Her Scars, Is not it Beautiful?

It was a dusky autumn, I found her sitting alone at top roof with smoke in her hand. I felt quitestrange because I never saw her smoking alone. Went near her and asked.
'What's wrong?   why alone today??' She replied..'Not in mood to talk with anyone, wanted to be alone sometime but you managed to ruin. By the way look at the horizon, is not it beautiful. These clouds so pretty na Shubh, Hey wait, you love taking pictures na, take it, it's photogenic and really beautiful.
Yes it looks beautiful. See the red linings all over that place. It's beautiful. ..I replied

She said'Yes, it is. It's so beautiful the sky'
'..but It's not sky I am talking about, it's about the cut marks visible upon your wrist. It looks beautiful, Is not it?'And I used my sarcastic tone to push her so that she could speak up the story behind those scars on her wrist. Here comes A deep silence..!!

"Every Time I asked about, the reply was just a silent and strange …

The Insensate Buddha ( Quite but didn't Quit - 2 )

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"..I got cut, I cut my finger while playing with the blade.  It hurts and I was feeling the sensation of enormous pain in my tiny little finger of a year old child. It was bleeding and I was scared to let anyone know including because I knew they would scold me for playing with blades. I washed it inside tap water and rubbed the finger with towel but bleeding was in no mood of stopping. What to do next?  should I speak to my family members or should I speak to my maternal grandfather who would protect me from getting scold by other family members. In the dilemma of all that the better option was to keep quite and be outside in playing ground till bleeding stops. It was night, I almost forgot about the injury but while having dinner I suddenly shouted at top of my voice. Uncle was like what happened while I dipping my finger in glass of water. Food was spicy and the…

Quite but didn't Quit - 1 ( The day when I left Home )

".. you go, my Train is about to come I will leave soon.  Dont have to Worry about me. Go home and just drop me message after you reach home. If you see my dad or mom in way tell them that I've boarded my train. Take this 100 bucks,  you might need this. I have enough to reach my destination".. I told this to my cousin who came to drop me at railway station. After he went, got a call..  mom there on other side
"What happened? I am on train you should return back,  crossing Durgapur. Call you tomorrow and I switched off the phone. Booked the ticket, it was 10min to my train. Waited and just when train entered station, I missed it intensely and same with the second and then with third also. But finally made-up my mind boarded the 4th train. It was approx 12:40am. Lack of sleep, hungry, half drunk,  vision less, empty pocket, mellow mood and a strong decision. That midnight of winter, It was my coldest night.  Was it necessary,  was it right, was it gonna make any sens…