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"00:00" ( The Midnight Missing of a Lover- 3)

Tickling clock slowly-slowly playing its truth to let me know that today I missed her one more time. Fortunately or unfortunately I am still awake for this darkness into my own universe of emotions surrounded by our memories and thinking What if one more time? What if one more last time and my whole night passes in-between this only. Every night clock finishes its 24hours of scheduled journey and when it touches its end point of yesterday and starting point of tomorrow that is “00:00” the only thing I can think about is yuh. Forgetting the ruins of past, remembering all promise of mine whole day I try to resettle every broken pieces of mine but the moment night touches my doorstep I again find myself with scattered parts of me lying here and there on the floor of reality. Everything I putted to settle this relation with all my hope is the every part of me which loves none other than yuh. Its hurting, yeah… its hurting too much, so much that even my tears are scared to come out. I wish …

निरर्थक (Nirarthak - Withouth meaning)

Sapno me na sahi sapno se door shayad kahin use mehsoos kiya hai Wo tadapta hai,  kyunki wo mar nahi sakta, Marna use gawara nhi,  Wo jeena chahta hai Shayad isi liye wo,  marr marr k jeeta hai Apno se door,  kisi kone me.. Apni tanhayeeon ke aabro me dhak kar usne apni masoomita chupa li hai Kabhi geeton me dhun tarasta h,  Kabhi dhunn me arth Bemani si Zindgi ke arth me anarth mehsoos karta hai Shayad isi liye wo tadapta hai.
Puchhne ki nakam si kosis ki maine Gehrayioon ko harr baar chune ki kosish ki maine Par uske ankho me samaye,  uss Anshu ke baandh ko dekta hu Toh shayad khud ko Majboot nsaan kehna v bemani lagta h.

Haar baar mushkurana, Mushkura ke kuch alfaz keh jana use pasand h Uski paglo wali bhasha kuch jayada hi pare h duniya se Pr har Lafz me ek dard chupa jana Shayad hi koi Samajh payega ye pheli uska.

Neendo k saye me,  andhera ki parchai me Sitaro ki chamak me,  chandni se chuup kr Har saans me uski siskiyon ki aahat mehsoos hoti h Par uske muskaan wali hasi har ba…