thE trutH whicH canT b forgoteN...!!

M just Remembering d time I spent on this day of last month.

how excitinG & wonderful my day n night was. all was full of new feelings & cheer.

I was flying on cloud 9. she is got something special which made me sentimental. huh'

wid my two best friend was traveling towards my destiny.

everything happening was just like the fairytale

I was going to meet my .

just after 16hours everything became so hard for me.all of d sudden thing changed for me.

i was falling apart just like spring's dried Leaf.

May b slowly slowly I'm recovering from this fantasy but the love and pain she poured inside my soul will never loose its purity.

I don't know what was there b/w, infatuation, attraction or just a game she played wid me.

don't know... she really loved me or not but i know defiantly there z still something true b/w us

which cant b diminished frm my n her life... neither GOD nor SHE cant deny this fact.

Dont know why we are not meant for each other.

I'm jst trapped b/w True LOVE & being ALONE.wished I Could be the one all she needed.

May be situation is not as it was one month before...but still one truth is in its original form....that is...

I REALLY ♥ LöV€ ♥ HêR.

☻MISSiñg YöU☻


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