Crippling tales of his Childhood ( The Hyperlink Highness of Life - 3 )

...suddenly noticed two roadside childreen talking of there own and collecting some junks from road side. As usual I was scrolling through my chat inbox to find some reply from anyone or maybe exactly someone 'but like always no ping from other end yet. Looked around and found both of them staring at me. Its like they were waiting for something. As I was quite high so thought to ignore those 4 eyes staring right at me but could not able to resist my curiosity and waved hand to call them.

oye, Kya dekh rha hai ? Its again complete blank from their side, except the laugh they hsd towards me. May be they didn't understood my words but I felt offended to get a laugh from roadside boy. I guess it was side effect of red water which was still ruling inside the sensing veins of my body & made me feel offended. I called them near and enquired  'what do you want from me? why staring ?"

Casually He spoke, We don't have any reason to laugh, that's why we were laughing . 
WTF, is it the reason for laugh...?? 
but then he spoke waiting to pick the plastic cups and you are too slow with the sips thats made me laugh . 
I asked them, 'wanna Have tea ?'
they nodded in yes.. called the tea seller and asked him to give them two cup of tea and I would pay behalf.
Asked about snacks , they again nodded in yes.. again asked the tea seller to give them whatever they want. Soon i saw both of them coming with 4-6 snacks and Tea. (That's what you get when you try to help anyone, they wont leave chance to make you feel like beggar as well) but anyways moving further they came near me and seat.
casually asked.. 'Cigarette v piyoge kya?
Yes' if you have give one.. I was surprised but more disheartened to give my only left cigarette.( again side-effect of helping someone more then they need )
After taking a sip one of them asked me .. from where you are?
from Bengal..!! Bengali babu ?
Obviously not, Bihar is my native.    ...that means Bihar k lala ?
kyun be, do I look like Bihari ?    ....nope, you are not !
Then ?? don't look like anyone,... and they  started laughing again!
It was my turn to ask them now.. 
So from where you both belong, wont your dad gonna kill you after seeing you smoking ??

He threw same question upon me.     ....what about you?
I said, nope bcaz my dad is far from this place so, he wont come here specially to beat me.
he said ' same with me, My family is too far, so far that he cant beat me even though they wish to.
I was surprised with answer, was guessing some sadness with his voice.
What happened ? where are your parents..?       .....what you will do by knowing ? want to complain about me or what ?
I said... 'nope just aise hi, I just want to know about the sense behind your answer which made your voice low'  
Then he started narrating everything..
"we are from 'Khed, Maharastra' My father was a daily wage labor of farm fields. During the flood of 2005, due to heavy rain he could not able to go out and earn so day by day the food we had in house got finished. we were starving so he decided to go out and earn some money. It was first day when I saw my father's unwillingness to go out for work. 2 days passed since then no news of father. we were completely dependent like a beggar on our neighbors. Fortunately we got to hear news about my father but that was unfortunate for us..

He was no more. Being a child that time everything went above me . Days passed mom started working in other house for livelihood but that was still not enough to feed us. It was a growing period for me was learning the bad practice of world we live around, started valuing money , lavish life. my mom started working extra to compensate the smaller dreams of mine. And the Unfortunate story took a one more sharp turn.. she fell sick, got admitted in Hospital and one day lack of money, lack of care, lack of medicine made her lose the battle with life. Till then I was a grown up child who started feeling everything, each broken piece of my dream were shattering below the open sky of loneliness.  Only thing I wanted that time is that somebody behind whom I can hide myself. 

People can give you food, shelter everything but not the love and care what we supposed to get. My neighbor gave me shelter in his house, I was bit happy but more sad caz I didnt had anyone to call my own but at-least I had food to eat thrice a day. The Aunt was so caring that soon I started forgetting sorrow my mom , I understood the meaning of good people by seeing her only. I was trying to rebuild myself but the logical demands of life was again confronting me with his realistic demands. I had to come Bangalore with the Person who needed one house keeper. He promised aunty for my education and care but I guess that was like heaven's dream. 
It was completely new experience to me in new city between new people. I used to wake up at 5am to finish house cleaning and breakfast preparation. whole day scolding and abuse from lady of the house but I would say owner was nice and kind hearted.  He always used to ask my well-being ness after office. He always  ude to distribute toffee equally between his children and me. I was again started knowing that yeah, good people do exists in this world. But suddenly confronted by the reality 'one day lady of the house beat me hard just 'caz some glass broke due to my negligence. I wanted to cry that night very hard. That day I was really missing my mom and my family to leanbut it was my tear who ditched me again by not coming out from eyes. That day I realized that during bad time even our body part leaves us alone to suffer. How strange na the age at which others used to learn study lessons I was learning life lessons. By the time I was matured enough by watching T.V and all so one day I decided and ran away from that cage. Its been two years now and I learned one thing that no-one is good in this world not even the God we have faith upon. He is partial and judgmental as same as our society. 
Collecting garbage and selling each morning to buyers is my daily routine. Someday I eat three times a day someday only one is enough. someday we get to sip tea and eat snacks as well from people like you and somedays we just stare all.

And it was the first smile i faked during whole conversation. I was still wondering. How can a teenage boy can remain so calm after facing all these life lessons but People like us gets irritated wen forced to work on weekends."

..went back to tea seller and purchased packet of buns for both of them and for self as well.
So you stays around this locality only ? i asked them !
yes, you may find anyone of us here only in midnight but not in day.
I asked there name.. he just nodded. you can call me by whatever name you want it keeps changing everyday. that was sarcasm shown by a teenage to me. huh
took it casually and said ' you are Batman and you are Superman for me' .
They laughed, at least they knew Batman and Superman but what gave me pleasure and bliss was their Laugh. yes, at-least I made them smile for while. Waved their hand to me and it was 2:35am we said good bye to each-other.

Frankly speaking I was touched and blissful but rather unsure about the judgmental fate we live by. At least we are fortunate enough to live a happy childhood days without worrying about anything and yet people starts complaining about unrealistic life problems. Holidays, sickness, Money, Time etc etc.. so much of hypocrisy exists in this world and its quite impossible to confront them as it goes down into your blood and makes you like same.
Hypocrite world, Hypocrite people and yes Hypocrite me as well !! so much of hypocrisy everywhere...!! :(
Wished I can do something for both of them but everyone has own sorts of restriction so i couldn't and that's where we feel defeated like I was feeling right now.. :'( :'(
Thought to move on with lessons I was learning and people with whom I met today.
Slow and steady walk through the pedestrian with Christina Aguilera's song in my Mind "A Great Big World"

" ..And I am feeling so small

It was over my head

I know nothing at all

And I'll stumble and fall
I'm still learning to love
just starting to crawl...  " be Continued !!


  1. Kya kahu bus dil ko chuuu gaya aur senti kar dalaa .... gteat

  2. Kya kahu bus dil ko chuuu gaya aur senti kar dalaa .... gteat


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