Realistic v/s Materialistic ( The Hyperlink Highness of Life - 2 )

... scrolling thorough the Phone's chat inbox of mine get to noticed something  strange. In every conversation one thing was common.It was me who was the person to end conversation. I mean in every conversation, the last message sent was from me only. Quite strange to know that I was the last men to reply and the message / conversation supposed to be started from other side. Anyways who cares, I have been always the Last man standing, may be its same characteristic of my character. :P 

Thought to start the conversation with cab driver. what could be best to start conversation than asking his name.

"whats your name uncle.? ...silence !!
Bhaiya Naam kya hai aapka..??       ..Rasid babu ! :O 
yehin karnataka se ho ..??         ...Nahi U.P se hoon..!!
and aapka pariwar(your family)??     ...wo U.P me hi hain !!
last time kab mile the unse... ??   3-4 month pehle..!
next kab Miloge... ??    ...pta nahi, shayad Jab unpe kharch karne k paise jama ho jayenge (when I will have enough money to spend on them) !!
can I ask you one thing Rasid ??     ...Yes, Sure !!
Unki Khussi Tum ho ya Money( is it you who is important or money to them )  ??    ....Babu , aap hoss me nahi ho shayad abhi, kahan utarna hai ye bolo ?
I am serious Rasid, can you tell me the answer ??    ...Pta nahi mujhe !!
Pata nahi or you are confused about the answer ??     ...I dont know !!
Can I answer this Question...bolo ?     ...boliye , kya sach hai ? 

"their happiness is not Money, its you who is more important to them and vice versa from your side but problem is that in this materialistic world Realistic happiness doesn't matter for anyone. Ask this question to everyone 'what do you want in life' ? I bet maximum answer would be Travelling, community service, helping etc etc  but the moment you ask them to go for there wish. They would keep making excuse of things that hardly matters , job , salary, Flat, Party , Pub etc etc... same is with you, you are just here to make them survive in this materialistic world not for there realistic happiness.
in one line 'you are the only happiness to them and money is the necessity' that's reason you are here working over night"

Am I correct ??
he just said..  'shayad aap sahi bol rahe ho, mujhe sochne ka kabhi mauka hi nahi mila'
..suddenly saw one Chaiwala near mall it was 1:40am, I asked Rasid to drop me here only but he asked me to tell my location so that he could drop me safely.
I told him, drop me here only and don't worry Uncle I would pay more than the fare which supposed to be paid for my exact location.
'babu, sabkuchh paisa nahi hota hai, aapne hi thodi der pehle kaha tha.. and he stopped the car. I went down and he took exact fare after forcing and requesting him to take more.
when I said Bye... only reply I received was "Return back safely to room caz someone's happiness lies with you as well. Whatever reason you quoted above in your answer was true but  sometime I wish that you should recite same answer to yourself also and of course I will remember your words forever" , it took me 10 minutes to understand why and what he meant with the last sentence.
anyways without taking any stress I moved towards Tea stall took one cup with smoke and seat near the sidebar of road but suddenly noticed ....

.... to be continued !!


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