and My heart will go on…!!!

Better to start this wid a deep Breath……ummm.. :(
Time is passing by and I am finding myself again at same place. How true those words were when someone said “history repeats its self” but I am confused about the word History. How can I call this history because it’s still happening and had no end. And if its without end how can it be History and if its not History then why it happened again with me. Damn it I am confused. Not with the word History but with the mystery that happening around me.
How and why I don’t know but definitely it’s the mess created by me n me only..F***up man… why I am like this. Creating un-necessary problems for myself…
She said I am Good...but what’s the new in this ?? Every well wisher of mine tells me this.
will I get any reward for it or any achievement except the tag of “good”

Have you ever come across a situation where you know that the person in front of you lying to you but still you listen to him/her, after knowing the truth also just because you have a hope that someday it’ll become TRUTH.
naah…I don’t think any of you have been in the situation like this & obviously if some you know like this, you will call him “Fool”.
I am smiling but I too can’t deny the fact that he is none other than Me. Funny truth na :D
a single blow, blown away my whole ideology, all my trust all my believe 
At the end I realized that it was layer of imagination which was covering mine eyeball and prevented me from the Truth.
She says she is alone, everyone hates her for this and her life is full of emptiness.
I agree.
But what can I do. I am not near you nor did you give me chance to fill your empty life. But tried, I tried a lot beyond my limit but it was futile.
Someone rightly said You can’t conquer your fate. But still I am trying because I am a Fighter and a fighter never quits until his last breath.
I am doing all this just because once you loved may be for a while but it was true and during that time only you said the biggest truth rather I will call it secrets of yours which is hidden from everyone else Because you trusted me and loved me. But what to do time is not as it was but yeah feeling about it is still same.
you say I was confused about the relation between us. I did not understand it. Your love was making week and that’s why I went away from you. Hahaha…:D
to her I want to say this “sweet heart except me no one else able to understand our relation then obviously how can you be so genius to understand this relation”
its unbelievable that I spent one year in this process. Don’t know how time flew away. But still I treasure each memory of you in deep within my heart & soul.
And it’s you and me only who can understand the extent of pain you were facing, the disorder within your life, darkness of past. Really I am sympathized about you after knowing that and trust me I don’t hate you for the things you did with me. It was nothing in front of the thing you have faced.
sorry if any of my words hurt yuh. I just want you and your smiling face that will be enough for me n my Love.
Always be happy and smile forever I know definitely god goanna reward you a good future, its my wish he has to fulfill it because every time he can’t be so harsh towards me or else he has to handle mess with me :D
ummm….I know above words have no meaning because I still have hope for the historic occasion which is in our way after 4 years 8 months. :D
hahaha….I am optimistic & Mad too.
Oh my God,
pardon me, I took the topic to somewhere else...hehehe 
anyway will end with few verse of Celline Doon (Titanic song)

“…..for cross the distance & specials between us
You have come to show you go on
near, far where ever you are
I believe that the Heart touch will go on
Once more you open the door
And you here in my heart and my heart will go on...”


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