...wish we both could be Vampire !!

Heya , still awaken?                                        
So what researching tonight ?                                        
How to live life alone when you get old                         
but yuh don't need to research on it                                        
You are and you will be always young forever.                                        
And why you are thinking like that you'll be alone...?                                          
Because I feel like I will be when m 60                         
But I would be there beside you na, always....                                        
Are you sure ? Till 60 ? haha                         
Obviously caz’ I’ill be 62yr old then..                                        
you will have a good life with your wife                         
yes, you are right. Good live with my wife.                                        
And grandchildren                         
And they would be your grandchildren as well.. 😂                                        
U not gonna marry in this life                         
Hopefully nope...  I dint want 😞                                        
Yes go ahead                         
Say it                         
Tired of repeating same.. thing                                        
                 and irritating u with same.                                        
Uske baad   
(Sent a song to her - "Something I Need - One Republic")                                            
Uske baad kya Bol rahe the                         
done... sent                                          
Good night sweet dreams:)                                            
I wont Let you sleep today..                                        
its only 4am now 😂..                                        

Yes that's true I am not gonna sleep now but I thought                         
U work all day                       
you might be felling sleepy , so.                         
Wine is there in-front of me now..                                        
one peg down.. but nt feeling like to drink .                                        
Don't drink Alcohol !!                         
then what I supposed to drink..  blood ??                                        
Why ?                       
 Tu bela ban ja.. main... Edward ban jata hu !!                                        
you watch twilight ?
heard song..?                                        
And if we only die once, (hey)                                        
I wanna die with you (you, you, you)                         
but I hvn't watched DDLJ.. yet 😂😂😂                                        
should I become Edward..?                                        
and you become Bela.. ?? whatta say ?                                        
we both become Vampire .. n we both will be young forever                                        
Haha, u making me laugh dear :)                        
Wish I could become a Vampire. :(                         
Watch bates motel                         
It's amazing                         
done..  will watch from Tuesday onwards                                        
wanna be Vampire ? ..but why ??                                        
Tuesday se dekhunga it means u already know that it's a tv series right?                         
yup.. if it was a movie then I might have known its name.                                        
I hv a fantasy dats all 
If I can become a vampire, I want to experience it                         
I wished to be a God.                                        
i am already 60% as like god                                        
and I know a bottle of wine is never was the answer,                                        
...but it's my best guess !!                                        
say na why you wanna be Vampire ?                                        
Listen then..
"I make a life commitment to be neither living nor
dead. I wish to be a vampire. No longer shall I be a human I shall be a vampire. I shall live in darkness never the sun. The sunlight shall burn me if I am in the sunlight. The sun shall cause pain to me. I shall have very pale skin and pointy fangs. I wish to be a vampire. I shall be able to run up to 40 miles per hour I shall be able to use mind control on people i shall become a vampire. This is who I want to be make me what I want to be make me a vampire. I shall crave blood, I shall thirst like never before for blood, I shall become a blood crazed monster. I shall live for blood. I shall become a vampire. This is who I wsih to be make me what I desire make me a vampire. i shall die and be reborn but not as a human but as a vampire. Now this spell is unbreakable I can't turn back after this point. I shall become a vampire. No longer shall I live the way others do. So make this me. So mote it be!!!!"                         
Twilight or its your word my Bella?                                        
These words are not in twilight                         
I just wanna be Vampire :)                         
then, according to your definition... I am 90% vampire                                        
really !! but How ?
caz' neither living nor dead, neither I'm human nor a heavenly creature..                                       I belong in between                                                                                
each morning.. sun burns original of me..                                           
that why at night only I become original of me.                                        
Skin is bit dark..  caz I go offc ..                                         so sun burn.. as it burns Vampire  😂                                        
I run million miles per second.. a moment I am completely near you                                        
and next moment.. I seat near my manager and people around 😂😂😂                                        
I crave blood but its conditional like vegetarian Vamps..                                          
I meet people.. I suck there blood of unhappiness,                                        
depression, sadness and uneasiness..                                        
That's only thing which keeps life..                                        
now see me.. no turning back even though all asking me to change but sadly..                                                             
I'm, Yes I'm a vampire according to your definition                                        
Yes, I accept that you are a vampire
but i am not like Edward :(                                        
yes, you are not same but better then him !!
Hope I could be vampire like you as well..!
but you shouldn't be..                                        
but why..??
'caz, ...this light burns me , I feel hurt and I don't wanna you get hurt !!                                        
caz..' I dont wanna see you be like me...                                         may be caz'...                                        
nothing.. lets sleep , sun going to rise and burn me again..                                        
But listen.. hello... hello...it burns me as well.. (delivered)


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