Pages of Her Lost Diary - 1 ( Unforgettable Mobile Number )

... his number is no more in my contact list but still I remember his number. Should I call, what if he changed his number. No, I shouldn't, he might have forgotten me me and moved on. What if he will blame me and scold me for calling now. No reason to call but yes' I can call, at-least to ask about his well being and life. If also he scolds me , he would be right to do so... finally after foolish conversation with my mirror I managed to dial his number.Ring.. and before ending the first ring he picked up the call and started scolding !

"Hello..!! are still awaken, its so late dear, you need to take rest. you are always careless about your own health and daily routine, its really waste to tell you anything. do what you want, I wont say anything  !!"

(..frankly speaking, I knew that he still has my number saved in favorite list but after all those years could not believed that he'll start the conversation as same as he used to do. And yes, care and anguish for my late night sleep was clearly visible with his words. but why now? its over, whatever we had is over then also I am finding the same of him as usual as he used to be. suddenly his repeated Hello made me come back to conversation.)

"Hello, ..Hello... can you hear me, network problem may be.. Hello..!! "

Yes, sorry was putting headphones , network is fine and I am too but how about you ? you didn't sleep yet' morning office na, what doing now? (finally I spoke something to him )

"nothing, as usual seating at top roof. Music , memories and one cigarette is all I need to end the day, what about you barbie? how are you? hows life ? hows your hubby ? must be having good time? but bad time for your hubby caz now he has to eat the worst food prepared by yuh.. hahah"

..deep silence from my side, but smiled and spoke   ..haha.. yes, I still prepare bad foods but I am learning to be good caz no-one except you lied to say its delicious ! ..wished you have told me this earlier that I am very bad at preparing dishes but you lied and appreciated each time.
and yes, I'm fine. life going good , Hubby is also doing well everything is fine here and called just to ask about you and life
(I should have told him that now it hurts much more and I am sorry but could not).
So, having good time over there in new city new friends new girls and I hope you still be flirting like you used to do before.?
yes, new city is cool, no one to restrict and complain about my daily routine. office, room, friends, internet sleep and my memories that all. keeping busy in that only . bdw.. how can you say, I flirt? I never learned how to flirt and even if I try I will vomit real me in front of them. huh.
Are you fine? didn't accepted your call but happy to hear your monstrous voice after long time. I was really missing ghost. thank god you called now.
( He was trying to act funny and calm but I knew him, he was very manipulative with his words. After letting you know the truth also, you will notice that he was just joking and talking casually. But again He failed... caz the long silence after he finished speaking was explaining everything of him )
I asked...
you Ok? (..and I could not able to resist my heart to speak about and started telling everything like an uncontrolled airspace ) know,I still miss those days. Sometime I travel back to those times when you used to be the only one who looked through my perception and difficulties. The day when I had a tooth ache and whole night you didn't sleep just caz if my sleep breaks you can distract my mind from pain by conversation on phone. Those shared glass of water , snacks, ice-creams when you used to give a theory that 'love increases when we share in eating/drinking as well" I knew.. its casual but proved to be valid with passing time. Certainly you were true like your love and care about me.
though I know the answer but still I would ask , you still missing me sunny ??

You are still at same place, why cant you move on but better to ask why don't you move on? You need to change yourself . I am not complaining about your life style but seeing you like this makes me coming back to your thought time and again.. why Dont you understand' it was real and as everything changed you need to change as well.. you don't supposed to be as good as you are.
Though we don't communicate can you not say whats exactly on your mind ? I see it everyday you hide the truth behind the eyes of your words but until when ? there's no need for you to hide. I never thought I would ever let anyone see into my world except you but fate crushed my wish with my dreams and I worry for you. Cant you see even though I am other side of life yet honestly you are in my side only.
You walked away the moment you saw I was happy to get through my dreams . You said, you were happy and wanted same.. Lier, it was just your lie, and you again manipulated it your truth.
I just wanna hear everything you want me to know but let me warn you if you Lie again, I promise I would leave everyone and start loving you again without bothering good and bad. I want you to speak up... I beg !! scold me , rebuke me , berate with anger !!
I just want you to speekup... all of you !! Please...!!

This was first time ever since we met and I was speaking so long without getting interrupted by him, must be something wrong with him this time I guess... )
Hello there !! .....hello...?? be continued !!


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