Erudite - A Year of Survival 2016

"...1st Jan 2016, 4 am at B.C College more with the sober mood and drowning eyes one person had already made up his mind for the upcoming year plan. Looked into the eyes of dark and sold his soul for the Light he needed to see. What do to, How to do and when to do, everything was planned at that place. Closed his yes , had a glimpse of everyone he cared about and then the solo mind of him figured out the way for his serenity and destiny and thus the journey begin..." 

Its 30th December 2016 almost end of the year and when I look back its been a uncertain year for me, went through so many changes and multiple transformations.  Though each year of mine is filled with so many ups and downs but 2016 been the best one. I would really like to highlight important events occurred and things I did and learned in 2016.

  1. It was 10 Jan and I left home, literally Left home for forever. Sad but there are bad decisions we have to make sometimes for Right intentions. Hurting people is not an easy task to do but sometimes for something better we are left with that choice only . Life goes on, god, parents, society wont ever forgive me for that but who cares Its me did the right thing and I am peaceful for that.
  2.  It was 12 am midnight,  cold,  half drunk with my bag waiting for train. When you leave home without any destination it becomes really hard to find a way and place to go.  This situation you would understand only when you get into this in real. But Everything is not bad in my life somewhere I am lucky too.  Friends stood by me though they asked me to return home and move out calmly,  scolded me for my uncertain decisions but when I explained situations and reason behind why I did it intensely,  knowing my intentions they stood by me and supported mentally to do what I needed to do. Krishna, Gopal, Chandan, Aakash, Ayush, Arun, Anupam, Ravinder, Mati, Digvijay thanks for believing on me guys.
  3. Coming to Bangalore without any plan and survive is not an easy thing to do. But I always knew If you have been doing and helping people without expectation you are bound to receive it at unexpected time and people. Bijan the friend of my friend Pradeep I meet with him only once in past. I got to stay there and he made me remember the things I said to him in 2012 when I meet him in Bangalore and he was going through rough situations. "Making own self tensed,  letting mood down and thinking about the things and loss you faced,  not gonna let you happy. You knew your decisions are are always right and whatever you did was necessary to do, so Learn to fight it. There are people for them you are hope,  for them you matters,  you gotta live for them and make them proud. So forget what consequences will it happen,  Fight it and do what you want to do." 
    I remembered these words caz 4yrs ago I said the same to him and he was at my position. So, If he can follow that why Can't me??  I am really thankful to you Bijjan and Pradeep,  That day you made me see what I used to be and How stronger I am.
  4. I reached Bangalore on 29th Jan now its 14 Feb I went to 1st interview and that's when my real journey begins. On 21st I had my 3rd interview and i managed to clear it.  I made it to final list and luckily not caz of my marks but from my second page of resume My hobbies  Image editing, Blogging, video editing and all other extra curricular activities. They helped me get a job while my high marks can't able to do so. So again It worth all the time spent in extra  curricular activities and in Internet,  So I decided no matter what happens what job or how busy i would be in life I am not gonna give up on hobbies and things I love to do. Your hobbies and things which you love to do are the only things which keeps your real and stronger always.
  5. With job in hand my life reached some stability but mentally I was still tensed and down.  The smile, the spark of real me was missing.  The happening, daring and charming me was lost somewhere but thanks to Amar, Anish, Mayank, Vineet spending time with you and meeting you people again in my life made me see what I was and slowly slowly was gaining my pace of same Shubham Sunny again. And It won't be wrong if I say I found myself again caz of you people.  for that I am really Grateful to you.
  6. There are few more people I would like to mention who were with me in this journey and they played a vital part in my life. Shagufta, Ashok, Shilpi, Anbu, Aishwarya, Prem, Amit etc. Trust me guys you people really were like angel in my life.  I always found you people around me whenever I was down and needed someone to listen and make me feel ok.  Without you people I might not have seen happy day. Specially Sahgufta and Shilpi I am really thankful for all those time when you made me realise where I went wrong in my life and forced me to find my life again and live. Anbu and Prem after office Talk with you about my past life in new life was really joyful.  I wont ever forget you people.  you both are my 1st Roomie in this life and No one in this is so fortunate to have Roomies  like you both.  I am very lucky to meet you people in my life. Ashok and Aishwarya guys I still remember when you people used to ping me and say..  tu soya nahi hai abhi tak,  you need to sleep,  Hahah..  And I used to Smile and think 'at least there are people who knows that I am lack of sleep. And used to sleep right after your scoldings. Thanks for those moments which made me sleep early :)
Late Night drink and Drive, Spending Nights at railway station, Leaving home, moving to kolkata, decided to come Bangalore, 10days behaviour like psychopath, Job Interview, offer letter, Wishing Girlfriend on her Engagement and Marriage, spending almost 12hrs at office and sleeping at 4 to 8 am. Uncertain plans to Goa,  Drink and drive, Accident, Paying fine to Police, Going to edge of sea in deadly weather,  whole night at beach alone with 8 bottles of beer, bare feet walk inside Domino's n KFC, then 3-4hrs of office for entire 3mnths, job shift, office shift, daily 4hrs of travelling, drinking continuously for 12days on Navratri, waiting for call/msg of PS, creating website, clicking images,  spending special days like Durgapuja Diwali alone, fixing my date of marriage with PS, 1st time call from her on my birthday and her birthday as well and finally 31st December without any plan. There are lot many things I have faced and done in this entire year but the only thing which is far more important than anything was "I didn't changed a bit from inside and nor I gave up on anything" I was and I would be same as usual.
Thanks a lots, dear all you made my year awesome rather you made me wiser and stronger.
Wish yuH all a..
May God bless you with all the success and happiness of this world
Keep sMiling
Keep sHining forever ☺

P.S:- Its tough to say how really was the 2016 for me but one question kept on hunting me by everyone ad thats 'when you are going to home?'. Frankly saying I really dont have any idea about it rather I wonder do Home exists for me? But nyways I am confident and happy enough to say that I Survived and I wouldn't give up ever. 


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