Happy Birthday P.S !!

Dear Pooja,
Its been almost 5 years since I know you or may be its almost 15,76,80,00,000 moments (5*365*24*60*60*100) I lived knowing you till now. There has not been a day when I didn't remember you. Sometimes in contact sometimes out of contact, ups, downs, happiness, sadness I almost saw your everything rather I felt it with you. There were times I don't know you but there are times when I know you better then you(I think so) and one thing I genuinely say you are the strongest, bravest, prettiest and understanding girl I ever meet in my Life. And all I can say that whenever I go through any hard times, I think of you and suddenly everything vanishes away.  you are such a strong & important person in my life. I know sometimes you had been in rough situations but see you fought it,  you overcome everything, you defeated everything And I know journey never ends here, sky is your limit and you gonna shine like sun one day. You deserve to be happy Pooja, you gotta be Happy and I promise you will be Happy always, I believe and pray to almighty. Things will change,  people gotta be change and time gonna change too but the goodness and kindness heart of yours gonna be permanent. You are so pure at your heart and soul that you always seemed heavenly thing I ever known after my mom.
Its your birthday, wished I could bend down the sky and all starts below your feet so that you can step upon the universe and rule it with your heavenly blessings but sorry :( I am just a normal human being but I know and pray that whatever wish you make,  it come true and I promise I would always be there for you, besides you.
You owned me forever !!
Its your Birthday baby !!
Its your Day,  you gotta enjoy,  you gotta be crazy and you gotta rule the day...
Many Many Happy Returns of the day!
May god bless you with all the success and happiness of this world
Keep sMiling
Keep sHining forever :)
God Bless you 
P.S :- I love yuh forever !! 


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